• Bill's immense talent is rich and life affirming. His songs are perfect gems, joyously performed with seductive and fluid vocal charm. I love his music! - Michael Feinstein

  • About 75 years ago, George Gershwin said, “True music must repeat the thought and inspirations of the people and the time. My people are Americans and my time is today.” On this album (Love Wins), Bill Cantos musically conveys the thoughts and inspirations of Americans in the 21st Century. With this brilliant collection of songs – primarily of love and love lost - he has made “true music” Gershwin himself would be proud of. - Bill Schnee

  • This would be the record - top to bottom, in all it's beautiful depth and sincerity and nuance and lush harmonies and arrangements - that the world should hear first! - Kirk Whalum

  • This wonderful collection of songs and the effortless way in which Bill delivers them, makes you feel like you’ve landed upon some undiscovered classics—only to learn that they’re all brand new songs. This album is a total treat from start to finish. - Dave Koz

  • As a singer of his songs I am even more in awe of Bill's talent as a songwriter and teller of tales. Bill has it all at his fingertips. He can not only write the story, he can play the song and sing it with the full depth of feeling only a composer can understand. I adore him and intend to keep singing his songs forever!! - Cheryl Bentyne (Manhattan Transfer)