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vocalist/keyboardist/songwriter/arranger/producer/you get the idea   


Thanks to all of you who listened to, streamed, and wrote to say you loved the  2022 Christmas singles ("Sleigh Ride" and "Do Not Be Afraid").  The response from radio, Spotify, and various outlets around the world was amazing - beyond our wildest expectations. Still smiling at that. (I'm facing away, but trust me, I'm smiling.)

It rained in LA in January. Hard. So hard that I did an entire evening of songs about the weather at my January gig at Vibrato (I play there once a month and I love to do theme nights). 'Come Rain or Come Shine' we called it it. Come rain, mostly.

In other big new album is done. It's called SENSIBILITY. It has songs Mari and I wrote with Burt Bacharach and Johnny Mandel, an appearance by Herb Alpert, a duet with Aubrey Logan, and lots of other stuff. Very excited to share it with you. More details to come....

Please make yourself at home and check out the site ....and thanks for listening!

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