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vocalist/keyboardist/songwriter/arranger/producer/you get the idea   

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Pre-order the new single


Release -  May 26.

So anyway....welcome.

I'm very happy to announce that I've got new music.....

The new single is I'M A BELIEVER - yes, that one. I love taking a song people know and shaking it up- it's what we've been doing regularly the last few years with my band at a place in LA called Vibrato. This is a sort of Brazilian-jazz-pop take,  uptempo. It just makes me happy.


The new album is called SENSIBILITY  -

new originals, songs Mari and I wrote with Burt Bacharach and Johnny Mandel, an appearance by Herb Alpert, a duet with Aubrey Logan, and lots of other stuff. Very excited to share it with you. - coming this July...

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