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Bill Cantos

Who Are You

Produced by Bill Cantos, JAY GRAYDON,

RIcky lawson, bill schnee, and Michael Shapiro



Justo Almario, Angela Carole Brown, Bill Champlin, Tina Curtis, Charlie Dannelly,

Mari Falcone, Roxanne Cantos Fulkerson, Tommy Funderburk, Glen Garrett, Jay Graydon, Keith Jones, Larry Kimpel, Pat Kelley, Abraham Laboriel, Ricky Lawson, Kevyn Lettau,

Tony Maiden,  Gene Miller, Scott Mayo, Debbie McClendon, Arnold Mc Culler,

Natasha Pearce, John Peña, Sharon Perry, Eric Persing, James Raymond, Carlos Rios,

Rick Riso, Michael Shapiro, Ricardo Silveira, Michael Thompson, Lee Thornberg,

Vine Street Horns, Kirk Whalum, Deneice Williams, Joseph Williams

Come Down (Two Words) (Patsy Moore/Steve Siler)
Beautiful One
Heart of Hearts
Cool Drink Of Water (Bill Cantos/Ricky Lawson)
Go ‘Way Moon
Who Are You
Love Is The Answer (Todd Rundgren)
Daddy’s Gonna Miss You
Settlin’ Down
Endless Nights (Jay Graydon/Bill Cantos/Jan Buckingham)
One More Stone (Bill Cantos/Ricky Lawson/Michael Norfleet)
What Would You Do For A King

all songs written by Bill Cantos except where indicated

from Bill:
"This album was done for Pioneer Music Japan - it came about after a tour in Japan and Scandinavia with Jay Graydon and some amazing players doing his music...

It reflects a lot of things I was into musically at the time. 
There were pop songs I'd written with Ricky Lawson, with whom I had a band for a hot minute (only did one gig, but that gig was how I met Mari!!). There were jazz/pop songs I was doing live with my band, co-produced by Mike Shapiro. Jay Graydon produced a song, which was  very fun - then Bill Schnee came on board to help tie the whole thing together, which was a dream come true.
Never got a proper US release and now out of print -
I re-recorded a couple of these tunes on the Love Wins album, but there's some stuff on this album I still really love. 
It's like a musical snapshot of a moment in time to me...."
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